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When triggered, we often speak before thinking.  We react instantly in the moment with no consideration of the full impact of our words and behavior.  These reactions can become habitual to the point of establishing patterns within relationships as well as within ourselves.

I invite you to consider if default your reactions are providing you with the results you actually desire.

  • Are they causing further damage to a relationship you value?
  • Are they negatively impacting your health?
  • Are they prolonging something that eventually needs a solution to regain internal peace?

Modern Consciousness Control Over Your MouthI invite you to practice what is known as “the pause.”  Instead of responding thoughtlessly (which means without thought) in these situations, just STOP

  • S – Stop and remember to pause before responding.
  • T –Take a few deep breaths, consciously notice the stimulus, or trigger, that you just experienced, and assess the situation.
  • O – Observe your present state, the emotions you are experiencing and the thoughts you are having without judgment.
  • P – Proceed with awareness and choose how you wish to respond.  A valuable tip here is that not every situation requires an immediate response from you!  We tend to forget that as we’ve been conditioned to respond immediately in so many areas of our lives.  Sometimes, it’s beneficial to take a long pause and consider the deeper meaning of what is happening in our internal world and evaluate how we actually want to respond before doing so.

It takes practice to change habits, including the habit of reacting.  You can read more about this in my blog Getting Acquainted With Your Triggers which also includes an exercise worksheet that you can download!   And download my free Guide to Happiness + Peace of Mind which explains how we are actually wired to react.

More fully understanding ourselves is the path to creating the life we desire!

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