Awaken to Your Full Potential:

A Journey of Passion and Purpose

Unlock the Power of Personal Empowerment and Authentic Success

Hey there, ready for a change?

Embarking on a coaching journey with me is about awakening to your full potential in a way that transcends traditional coaching. Our partnership is rooted in a shared commitment to your growth, where you’re fully supported throughout our journey through my program that is designed to Elevate Your Life®.

Working with me isn’t about ticking off traditional goals or following a preset path — it’s about reawakening your innermost truths and creating the courage and confidence to embrace your authentic self.  It’s about exploring what you want to achieve in this next chapter of your life and, even more importantly, how you want to feel about it.  We’re going to rewire your life so that you’re moving with passion and purpose every single day. 

“We each have the full power to elevate ourselves and, more importantly, our inner peace through conscious living. Know that, whatever your story is, it can be enhanced or replaced with an even better one.


I invite you to step off of the treadmill of your life and pay attention to what calls to you from deep within.”


~ Stacie Shifflett, International Bestselling Author
An excerpt from ‘Ignite Your Wisdom’ published by Ignite Publishing

How are we going to do this?  We’re going to begin by digging deeply into every aspect of your current life.  Let’s get that out on the table as every journey needs a starting point to chart a course to the desired destination.  We’re going to get intimately acquainted with your character strengths, gifts, tendencies and beliefs.  We’re going to awaken and explore your true aspirations, you know, the ones you’ve been ignoring in spite of them calling out to you.  Then, we’re going to sort through your priorities.  Our final bold move?  Chart a path that moves you in the direction of your aspirations.  And don’t worry.  We’ll delve into tactics and strategies to help keep you moving in the direction of your desires.

Here’s What’s in It for You:

  • Custom-Crafted Strategies: Forget cookie-cutter advice. You get plans tailor-made for your unique story because one size fits nobody perfectly.  We all have our unique zones of genius and formulas for happiness.
  • Real Talk and Empathy: I’ve been there. I get it. And I’m here to help you navigate your path with genuine understanding and zero judgment.
  • Safe Zone for Self-Discovery: Vulnerable? Scared? Totally normal. We’ll turn those feelings into fuel in a space that’s all about trust and growth.
  • Crystal-Clear Action Steps: Goodbye, confusion. Hello, direction. We’ll cut through the fog and get you moving towards a life you’re excited to wake up to.
  • All-Around Support: We’re talking full-spectrum support that cares for your emotional well-being just as much as your to-do list.  I’m with you every step of the way during our time together.  This isn’t a meet-once-a-week program.  We communicate a lot in between sessions.  That’s why I take only a limited number of clients. 


Now that you have a glimpse of the journey we’ll embark on together—starting from deep self-discovery to crafting a path filled with purpose—it’s time to envision what this transformation could look like in your life. Each of us faces unique challenges that call for personalized solutions. Below, you’ll find a guide that illustrates just how we can navigate from the feelings and situations you might currently be experiencing to the empowered, fulfilling life you deserve.

Are You Feeling…

Unfulfilled despite having achieved success?

Let’s Work Together To…

Exploring new possibilities for deeper fulfillment.

And Experience…

Personal empowerment and a more fulfilling life.

Are You Feeling…

In need of support in pursuing your dreams?

Let’s Work Together To…

Cultivate the skills, mindset, and courage to chase what you truly want.

And Experience…

The thrill of chasing your dreams and the pride of achieving them.

Are You Feeling…

Struggling with a difficult decision?

Let’s Work Together To…

Explore your options in a safe space, weighing them against your core values and true desires.

And Experience…

Confidence in your choices and peace with the paths you take.

Are You Feeling…

Unsure how to create positive change?

Let’s Work Together To…

Identify what truly matters to you and take meaningful steps towards transformation.

And Experience…

A life that reflects your true desires, filled with joy and satisfaction.

Are You Feeling…

Experiencing uncertainty about a significant life transition?

Let’s Work Together To…

Navigate these changes with support, gaining clarity and resilience.

And Experience…

Strength, confidence, and excitement for the new chapter in your life.

Are You Feeling…

Stuck and looking for a way forward?

Let’s Work Together To…

Create a clear, actionable plan that moves you towards your goals.

And Experience…

Renewed enthusiasm and momentum for your future.

Are You Feeling…

Like something is missing in your life?

Let’s Work Together To…

Rediscover your passions and align your life with your authentic desires.

And Experience…

A sense of completeness and fulfillment each and every day.

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Let’s Do This:

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