Hi, I'm Stacie

I’m an entrepreneur, writer and proficient student of life blessed with the gifts of insight, grit, and optimism.

My mission is to guide you through the art of transformation, showing you that it’s never too late to craft a life you truly love living.

Are you ready for a transformative experience that goes beyond generic solutions?

My Elevate Your Life® program is designed for individuals like you who are ready to break free from the familiar and embark on a transformative journey. Whether you’re grappling with life’s challenges or seeking to deepen your understanding of success and fulfillment, this program offers the guidance and support you need to explore new possibilities and make empowering choices.

“Stacie has one of the brightest minds I’ve ever met.

~ Jack Canfield
Award-Winning Speaker & Internationally Recognized Leader in Personal Development

Welcome to Your Sanctuary at Modern Consciousness®

If any of this resonates with you, consider this your formal invitation to a transformative experience. You’ve found your sanctuary.

At Modern Consciousness®, we embark on a journey that transcends conventional approaches. Together, we’ll delve into your deepest yearnings, align every aspect of your life with your core values and aspirations, and guide you toward a future of enduring peace and joy.  It’s a holistic approach that brings conscious awareness and intentionality to all 360⁰ of you.

Are you ready for a transformative experience that goes beyond generic solutions?

Your Unique Blueprint for Joy

Unlock your unique formula for joy—a seamless blend of life’s essential elements that, when synchronized, unlock unparalleled peace and profound fulfillment. Dive deep to rediscover the wisdom within you, and realign your existence to mirror your true aspirations and potential.

Are You Feeling Out of Sync with Life?

If you find yourself wrestling with feelings of stress, overwhelm, or a pervasive sense of unfulfillment, it may be a sign that your life is not in harmony with your true values and aspirations. The “Treasure Map to Joy™,” an integral part of our Modern Consciousness® philosophy, employs a blend of scientific and spiritual insights to steer you back to your authentic self.

The Hidden Formula You Weren’t Taught

Most of us are taught to seek fulfillment externally—through career, relationships, or material success. Yet, while these often leave us feeling momentarily satisfied, we ultimately feel a lack of deep personal fulfillment.  The whispers of your soul shouldn’t be ignored; they’re clues on your map to a life filled with authentic joy and tranquil serenity.

Embark on Your Journey to Joy

Is your soul urging you to break free from the mundane and embrace a life of deeper meaning and satisfaction? Your journey to joy begins here, where you can unlock the secrets to a life filled with the joy and fulfillment you’ve always imagined.

Unlock Your Potential Through Action

Taking consistent, thoughtful, and extraordinary actions is the bridge between your current life and the future you envision. Action isn’t just a step; it’s the catalyst that unlocks your untapped potential, joy, and happiness. Don’t merely dream about the life you’re destined to live—let’s join forces and take decisive action to make that dream your reality. 

Illuminate Your Path to Joy with These Gifts

Awaken the Peace Within:

Are you weary of chasing fleeting joy, only to find it slipping through your fingers?
Are you yearning for a sanctuary of peace, a still point within your ever-changing soul?

Getting Acquainted with Your Triggers:

Engage in reflective exercises with this insightful workbook to uncover and manage your emotional triggers.

Self-Sabotage Quiz:

Are you ready to uncover the invisible forces shaping your life? Our interactive quiz not only reveals your primary self-sabotage pattern but also guides you through a transformative process of self-awareness and growth.


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