Are you feeling stuck in a rut, stagnant or unable to reach your goals?

Has life thrown you a curveball?

Is self-judgment preventing you from making positive changes?

Are you too worried or afraid to make a decision or change something in your life?

Feeling powerless over the direction of your life can feel overwhelming. I can work with you to step out of your current state and into your future.

The journey of self-discovery isn’t always easy but I can tell you that the rewards are enormous.

Let’s start to free your mind and put you on the path to conscious living and happiness.

Book a free 1-hour discovery session to start enhancing every aspect of your life through conscious living.


“No matter the situation, remind yourself, I have a choice.”
Deepak Chopra

Modern Consciousness | Stacie Shifflett

Ways to Begin Your Journey of Self-Discovery

Book A Discovery Session

Book a free discovery session and let’s evaluate your life together in a safe space that fully supports you in reaching your full potential.

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