Are you ready to fully discover your truths and begin living the life you know you are capable of living?

Elevate Your Life® Intensive is a comprehensive 90-day program rooted in the Modern Consciousness® Ascension Formula.  The goal of the program is to create positive incremental changes in your life in order to create profound transformations through what’s known as the compounding effect.

How can an incremental change significantly impact your life?  It’s because a slight change in direction results in a big change in the destination reached.  This is why pilots are taught the 1-in-60 rule.  After 60 miles, a slight one degree heading change will cause the plane to be off course from its destination by one nautical mile.  You can imagine how significantly that one degree course error will affect the final destination on a long flight.  I don’t know about you, but I would rather compound positive changes rather than frustration.

My Modern Consciousness™ Ascension Formula is a process in which we develop an understanding of your reality and what you are creating or experiencing currently in your life; gain clarity about what you desire to create in your future, and define specific steps aimed at aligning your life with your defined values and goals.


Ready to Begin Your Journey?

The Five A’s of my formula include the following modules:

Module 1 is all about evaluating where you currently are in life!  As with any journey, knowing the starting point is necessary to chart a course to your destination.  Gaining clarity on the current state of your life is key to defining your aspirations so that is where this program begins!

Aspirations are the hope or ambition to achieve something in your life.  In the 1530’s, the word ‘aspirations’ meant the ‘action of breathing into’ and that’s what we do in this module.  We breathe life into your desires by articulating them clearly!

Just as an architect needs to plan, design, and construct a bridge to connect two separate physical areas, we’re going to go through a process to acknowledge gaps that exists between your current and desired states and architect a high-level plan to bridge the divide!  We also prioritize your goals into what will most benefit the progress you desire to make in this module.

In Module 4, we define practical steps that take you boldly in the direction of your aspirations.  You will have absolute certainty about your goals, know the steps necessary to achieve them, and have strategies to help you stay motivated in the face of obstacles that might deter your progress.

We are going to make your aspirations a reality by integrating them into your daily life.  Intentionally weaving your aspirations into your daily life creates harmonious synergy between your vision and your daily actions.  This allows you to foster sustainable growth toward fulfillment in all areas of your life.

Along the way, as a Modern Consciousness Coach™, we will shift limiting beliefs, release trapped emotions, improve your relationships, uncover your brilliance, and maximize your potential!  And here’s a little advice to set your expectations.  The program is called “intensive” for a reason.  It’s a vigorous 90-day program that requires your full participation and commitment.  While I will guide you through the process with compassion and without judgement, you know you best.  Therefore, you must be willing to show up and actively and authentically engage in the process with me.

Your results are wholly dependent on your effort.  I, too, will show up to actively and authentically engage in the process with you.  We both agree to keep our hearts and minds open to the powers and mysteries of the personal journey of sacred transformation.  We will anchor our work together in gratitude, trust, integrity, and lovingly responsible and responsive communication.

You and I agree that you are a sovereign autonomous being, the creator of your own destiny, and that the power is in your hands, mind and heart to choose and create a journey that you decide is appropriate for you.  I will, of course, help you prioritize the areas and actions that will create the most impactful changes in your life as well as help you define practical steps that move you toward your aspirations through a combination of coaching, mentoring, and consulting.  My primary goal is for you to achieve success.

How does the program work?

We’ll meet twice monthly live via Zoom.  Program modules will be distributed via a shared Google document.  Our written work will be done between our live sessions within that document, which provides us with the ability to have ongoing interaction throughout the 90-day process.

Why this approach? 

Because I ask a lot of questions and I want you to have time to intentionally consider your answers.
I want you to give your responses some thought.
I want you to observe and capture how the process feels.
I want to know what comes up for you as we move through the material.
I want you to connect to your heart to find your deepest truths and I don’t want the quality of the response to be limited to what can be revealed during a live session.
I, too, will contribute routinely to the document in the way of a dialog throughout our time together.  This is a process in which we will both be fully engaged.

If you are ready to step out of the confines of your current reality and see what’s possible in your life, apply below and take the first bold step to Elevate Your Life® today!

Ready to Begin Your Journey?