What is Modern Consciousness?

Modern Consciousness is the ability to raise our awareness of unconscious processes habituated in the past so we may intentionally shift our current daily life from one overshadowed by inner turmoil and frustration to a fulfilling life grounded in internal peace, joy and meaning.


What is conscious living?

It is living on purpose.

It’s developing a better understanding of yourself and others.

It’s taking control of your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs to create the life you were born to live rather than existing in a perpetual state of reaction and stress.

It’s reclaiming your power and not allowing others to control your happiness, joy and peace of mind.

It’s about the freedom to be you and love you!

I chose our name purposefully as it is my mission to promote conscious living in the modern world™.



-Carl Jung

Per Sigmund Freud, an Austrian neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis, we have three states of mind.  They are the unconscious, preconscious and conscious and are defined in the illustration depicting Freud’s Iceberg Theory. Today, the term ‘subconscious’ is more frequently used to describe those parts of our mind outside of our focal awareness so you will see me use the terms ‘unconscious’ and ‘subconscious’ interchangeably. (In case you were wondering!)

While we may have cursory knowledge of this theory, what we often lack is truly understanding how deeply this impacts our daily lives.  Being aware of the theory is one thing.  Being aware of how significantly this impacts us is quite another.

How does our unconscious affect us? By influencing our thoughts and, therefore, our behavior! It is estimated that we have between 50,000 and 70,000 thoughts per day.  It’s also been reported that about 80% of those thoughts are negative and that 95% of our thoughts each day are the same as the day before!  That means that we are repeatedly thinking those negative thoughts, often without our awareness!

Modern Consciousness Sigmund Freud

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How do we step into conscious living?

By raising our awareness about:

  • The thoughts we have most often
  • The beliefs we hold
  • The emotions we are feeling
  • Our default reactions
  • The assumptions we make
  • The power of language in our lives
  • Our values and how our life aligns (or mis-aligns) with them

Modern Consciousness™ is gaining an understanding of how all of this (and more) influences every aspect of our lives including our behavior, our happiness, our well-being, and our relationships.

My goal is to help you achieve a fulfilling life, one lived with conscious awareness. I want to help you unlock the possibilities of your life and free your mind from subconscious thoughts and beliefs that sabotage your happiness. May I invite you to step into a heart-centered life, one in which you make choices that honor your needs, values, and desires?

“I want you to know that we aren’t “stuck” with the lives we currently have, particularly our internal lives. We each have the full power to elevate ourselves and, more importantly, our inner peace through conscious living. Know that, whatever your story is, it can be enhanced or replaced with an even better one.”

Stacie Shifflett | Raise Your Awareness, Elevate Your Life™

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noun: consciousness

  1. The state of being awake and aware of one’s surroundings
  2. One’s ability to understand what is happening around them
  3. Having the mental faculties fully alive
  4. A person’s mind and thoughts; known to oneself
  5. Aware of what one is doing

Our goals and programs are designed to help you achieve a fulfilling life; one in which you act with conscious awareness as opposed to reacting without deliberate thought.  It’s about ruling your mind instead of allowing it to rule you. It’s about living a heart-centered life in which you make choices that honor your needs and values.

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