The Discovery Call Process

A discovery call is a short conversation in which we focus on your goals, where you might be stuck and the type of support you desire.  The purpose is to determine if we are a fit for each other and desire to move forward with a coaching relationship.  I will send you a short questionnaire to complete and return in advance of our call to ensure we maximize the use of our time.

A discovery call is not solution-oriented. We discover solutions during coaching.

Life is a matter of choices

Are you making daily choices that support your highest and best outcomes?

Did you know that we make choices every minute of every day, frequently without our conscious awareness?  Why? Because our brains are wired for consistency in both action and thought.  We tend to default to habitual behaviors and emotions rooted deeply in our beliefs.  It’s our nature.

What are ‘beliefs?’ It is an acceptance that a statement is true.  But is it?  Why do you believe it to be true?  Is it your belief or someone else’s?  When and why did you adopt it?  Our beliefs affect everything in our lives.  Questioning them is vital to expanding possibilities and joy in life.

The journey of self-discovery isn’t always easy, but I can tell you that the rewards are enormous. Common themes from people seeking a coach include:

  • Feeling stuck ‘in a rut’ and seeking a way forward
  • Experiencing a significant life transition
  • Desiring to create positive changes in your life
  • Feeling that there must be more to life
  • Struggling with a difficult decision
  • Feeling powerless over the direction of your life
  • Partnering with someone to support you in the pursuit of your goals and dreams

A Discovery Call is right for you if:

  • You know deep in your heart that there is more to life
  • You have a vision for something you wish to do or create in your life
  • You are ready to take consistent action in a coaching relationship
  • You are willing to do a little preparation in advance of the call to ensure we maximize the use of this time
  • You want to partner with someone that provides support, encouragement, insight, and accountability
  • You wish to shift emotional or subconscious blocks that get in the way of your happiness and are open to exploring different perspectives
  • You are ready to make an investment in yourself

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“Sometimes the right thing to do is the hardest.”
  ~ Stacie Shifflett, International Bestselling Author & Modern Consciousness Coach™

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