Two Keys To Increase Happiness and Peace of Mind

Are You Searching For Peace Of Mind?

Ever since I was a little girl, I always held the belief that the secret to life was simple: peace of mind.

Peace of mind is defined as freedom from strife and a state of inherent serenity and calmness. We all experience strife which is a component in the very definition itself, so how can we achieve peace of mind when our lives are not free from strife? We do this by increasing our understanding of human behavior and elevating awareness of our own beliefs and habits that negatively influence our harmony and success. Gaining this knowledge profoundly changes lives and start us on the path to achieving inner peace and happiness.

One way to begin this process is to monitor the assumptions you make and the circumstances in which you are personally offended.  This guide provides you with a glimpse into some of the science behind our behaviors.  It introduces the concepts of the three states of mind, the four levels of competence, the meta-model, and the human stress response.   It also provides exercises you can easily do on your own to begin to raise your awareness of your thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.

This PDF provides you with two “keys” and suggestions on how to use them to start you on the path to inner peace and happiness.

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