Elevate Your Life!®

Are you living within the confines of your reality or are you creating the life you desire?
Are you happy?  Do you feel stuck or need a little help deciding your next best steps?

At times, we all feel entrenched within the framework of our lives.  Sometimes we have a firm foundation and what we define as success, yet we still feel an inner desire that something needs to change to enjoy all the dimensions of our lives more fully.  We begin to hear that little voice in our hearts asking, “is this really all there is?”

At other times, we find ourselves faced with challenges.  These challenges can be invitations to grow and deeply consider our options.  Sometimes we avoid the option we know is best for us as choosing it creates dramatic changes in our lives and change can be scary.  We are programmed by our survival self to stay with what is familiar, what we perceive as secure, so we put our happiness and internal peace on the back burner, opting instead to stay within the boundaries of what is known to us despite knowing it isn’t the best place for us.

Sometimes life changes are forced upon us without warning leaving us lost and bewildered.  Perhaps a choice was made for us, or we experienced a great loss.  Either can upend our lives and propel us into chaos. When we find ourselves in the midst of a personal storm, our ability to maneuver through can be diminished or even completely blocked, like trying to drive in torrential rain.  Sometimes we simply take shelter for protection and retreat to safety.

Regardless of how you arrived at the intersection of ‘what was’ and ‘what will be,’ life’s transitions introduce uncertainty into our lives in the ‘now.’  And that lack of certainty can result in feelings of stress, anxiety, grief, hopelessness, fear, and self-doubt.  I know, as I’ve been there.  I’ve overcome hardships and loss.  I’ve also made some very difficult decisions.  You can too.  And you don’t need to do it alone.

Modern Consciousness You Aren't Broken

We aren’t supposed to simply push through the momentum of life and survive.  We are meant to flourish and thrive.

I’m here to help you evaluate the life you are currently living and create a path to a life consciously created, one in which joy and inner peace are the defining characteristics.

As a Modern Consciousness Coach™, I utilize a variety of tools, encourage the exploration of self and enable individuals to break free from limiting beliefs and patterns. I fully support clients in aligning their lives with their true aspirations and values (being out of alignment with values we aren’t even aware we hold is critical!) and I work with them to create sustainable, positive changes through personalized and intensive coaching programs.

As a Modern Consciousness Coach™, I don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution.  I customize the coaching experience based on the unique needs, goals, and contexts of the individuals I serve. I am deeply committed to supporting others in stepping out of a life run on autopilot and into a more intentional, enlightened way of living.

Let me help you step out of your story and into your life!

Programs + Options

My programs are customized for you and our coaching relationship is co-created based on your needs, values, and objectives.  Here are some options to give you an idea of what we can do together.  If you’re interested in learning more, apply for a consultation!

Elevate your life.

Ready to fully discover your truths and become the person you know you are capable of being?  This is my most comprehensive program in which we uncover your brilliance and maximize your potential.

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Modern Consciousness Seeking A Solution?

Are you dealing with a specific challenge or avoiding making a decision you know is for your best and highest but are fearful? Let’s find a solution to your unique situation that is fully aligned with your goals and desires.

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Modern Consciousness Navigating Life's Transitions

Sometimes life throws us a curveball.  Perhaps you made a choice, a life-changing decision was made for you, or you experienced a great loss. These situations introduce uncertainty into our lives.  Let me help you move through your situation and into an intentional future.

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Modern Consciousness Trigger Points

Do you feel like you are riding on an emotional rollercoaster?  Are you prone to reacting versus responding?  Do you “stuff” your emotions and feel like you might explode? Let’s work together to understand your triggers and regain control of your emotions and your inner peace.

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One of the foundations of Modern Consciousness® is living with intention.  If you feel like you are running on autopilot and have lost control of the trajectory of your life, let’s develop a blueprint to help you stay focused on your dreams, goals, and desires.

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Modern Consciousness

If you have participated in one of my programs or have previously done personal development work but find it challenging to integrate something you learned into your life, book some sessions to tweak your personal operating system!

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If you are feeling powerless over the direction of your life, need assistance stepping out of a current situation and into your future, are seeking to regain balance or simply want to explore possibilities, let’s talk!  You may benefit from someone helping you organize your thoughts and better understand your emotions.  You might be interested in widening your view of self.  You may find value in fresh perspectives from someone outside of your circle.  You may need someone that really sees you and listens to you without judgement.  You may appreciate suggestions and tools to guide you and even sooth you.  You may desire to expand your thinking and your view of self rather than seeing things as you always have.

If this sounds beneficial to you, book a free discovery session and let’s explore what magic we can create in your life!  A discovery call is right for you if:

  • You know deep in your heart that there is more to life
  • You wish to desire to create meaningful change in your life
  • You have a goal you want to achieve
  • You are ready to take consistent action to Elevate Your Life!®
  • You want to partner with someone that provides support, encouragement, insight, and accountability
  • You wish to shift emotional or subconscious blocks that get in the way of your happiness and are open to exploring different perspectives
  • You are ready to make an investment in yourself

There is a little prep work prior to the call to ensure that we maximize the benefit of our time together.

Ready to Begin Your Journey?

Here’s what you can expect if you choose to work with me:

Our relationship is co-created based on your needs, values, and objectives.  I have an open, curious, non-judgmental mindset that seeks to understand you within the framework of your life and experiences.  While I will validate your experiences and emotions, I assume you are here to affect change in your life; therefore, I will invite you to challenge your perspective and beliefs and step out of your old story and into a space that fosters the creation or possibilities in your life.  I will encourage you to explore beyond your current thinking by helping you:

  • Learn how your model of the world affects your daily life
  • Gain clarity about your values, your desires, and your beliefs
  • Identify and clear subconscious blocks that impede your success and happiness
  • Learn the power of language, especially how you speak to yourself
  • Increase your self-love, self-appreciation, and gain confidence

Plus, you’ll get to experience the benefits of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) and ThetaHealing®

Methods and Modalities

Methods and modalities used by me as a Modern Consciousness Coach® support you in the expansion of your awareness to create greater personal freedom and fulfillment in your life include:

  • Modern Consciousness® Coaching is aligned with the International Coaching Federation’s competencies, standards, and ethical guidelines
  • Mentoring as I draw upon and freely share my knowledge and experience with you to support you in fully integrating and embodying the person you desire to be
  • Consulting to provide strategies for progressing from theory and knowledge to practical application with results
  • High Performance Coaching™ which focuses on high performance habits aimed at accelerating high performance outcomes
  • Neuro-Shine Technology Coaching™ which combines the power of your mind with the wisdom of your heart
  • Various assessment tools and exercises
  • Goal setting and progress tracking
  • Free-mE Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)™ which expands upon an evidence-based energy psychology modality used to release trapped emotions, stress, PTSD, phobias, anxiety and other mental, emotional, or physical limitations.
  • Neuro-linguistic programming which comprises models, techniques and strategies that help us understand how the internal and external language we use influences the way we think and the results we get
  • ThetaHealing® which is an energy modality that traces the origins of our beliefs and patterns to various levels of “self” to aid in the discovery and healing of deeply embedded unhealthy subconscious thoughts and beliefs.