One of the foundations of Modern Consciousness® is living with intention.

Sometimes the activities of our lives create the momentum that pushes us forward in our world.  We run on autopilot striving to simply keep up with our schedules and tasks and forget to evaluate if the life we have created/are creating is in alignment with our values and goals.  We sacrifice the quality of life for the quantity of life.  Even well-intentioned activities can cause overwhelm if we lose focus of our end goal.

Let’s work together to define what quality of life means to you and how you can reshape your life into one that aligns with that.   We will explore your primary question, behaviors and emotions that you wish to experience less, those that you would like to experience more, and develop your personal mission statement and top goals for the next year.  Then we’ll discuss how to algin your life’s activities with your desires.

This is a structured 12-week program of hourly sessions to develop a blueprint to help you stay focused on what’s important to you. If you would like support aligning your daily life with your blueprint, one-on-one adjunct coaching sessions are recommended.

Ready to Begin Your Journey?