Do you feel like you are riding on an emotional rollercoaster? Are you prone to reacting versus responding? Or do you continually “stuff” your emotions leaving issues unresolved which creates or increases resentment?

Emotions are powerful indicators of what is happening in our environment. They respond faster to stimuli than our analytical brain and influence nearly everything we do.  Increasing our emotional intelligence allows us to understand, evaluate and better manage our emotions.  We can regain control of our emotions as opposed to letting them dictate the quality of our daily life.  Learn the physiological processes associated with emotions, how to define the emotion you are really feeling, what unmet needs are associated with the emotion, identify triggers, and let’s engage with conversation and techniques to better manage emotions that interfere with your daily life.

These three hourly sessions are designed to raise your awareness of what triggers are, the emotions you are experiencing, and teach you practical techniques so that you can manage your emotions in more positive, productive ways. We will discuss your specific triggers as examples.  This mini-coaching program includes:

Session 1:  Understanding emotional triggers and identifying yours

Session 2: Personalized coaching to better manage your triggers

Session 3:  Setting you up for success with practical tips and techniques

Although you will leave this program with some effective tools to support your transformation,  if you want to do a deeper dive into your specific triggers or would like additional support incorporating these techniques into your daily life, one-on-one coaching sessions are available.


Ready to Begin Your Journey?