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If you want to predict your life in 5 years, listen to what you are telling yourself today. 


Wow.  Pretty profound, huh?

Consider what you are speaking into your life, as what you speak, you create.

  • Is your “default” complaining?
  • Do you forecast the worst outcome in every situation?
  • Do you consistently give voice to your woes and your problems?
  • Do you routinely remind yourself of everything you think is wrong with you?

While I think the term ‘limiting beliefs’ is overused,  it’s actually a very accurate description as negative beliefs limit your ability to expand your life.  Nobody ever accomplished a goal without a dream.  Without first imagining it.  Do you dare to dream?  Or do you believe that dreams are impossible for you to achieve?

Energy goes where focus flows.  So, I ask you…where do you focus your attention?

Speaking negatively only serves to fuel negative thoughts and negative outcomes which subsequently creates even more negative thoughts, outcomes, and feelings.  Are you intending to anchor negativity into your very being?  Is that what you want?  Because that is exactly what you may unintentionally be doing.

One of the best ways to overcome negativity is by speaking positively.  Like, OUT LOUD!  While that might sound absurd to you, it’s true!  When you speak the positive, you give it life.  You create possibilities through positivity.

I invite you to begin noticing how frequently you speak negatively to yourself and to others. I also invite you to make a habit of intentionally taking time each day to speak positivity into your life! It may feel awkward at first, but who cares?

  • Remind yourself daily of all your awesomeness!   
  • Express gratitude for all the good things in your life!
  • Celebrate your past wins!
  • Speak your dreams!

You can do it in the shower.  You can do it in the car.  You can shout it from the rooftops if you want!  Just do it!  You need to flex a muscle to build a muscle and that’s what we are intending to do here:  create a habit of positivity.

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