Navigating Life’s Transitions

We are all faced with transitions in life, situations in which we find ourselves needing to adjust to a significant change.  Sometimes these changes happen in our lives without warning leaving us lost and bewildered.  Sometimes they are planned or anticipated yet we still find ourselves in the grip of anguish.  Life’s transitions introduce uncertainty into our lives which can result in feelings of stress, anxiety, grief, hopelessness, fear and self-doubt.

If you are feeling powerless over the future direction of your life or need assistance stepping out of your current emotional state and into your future, join us for this live 6-week virtual program in which in which our founder will share strategies she learned during her journey recovering from personal losses in her own life.

This program is facilitated in an intimate setting with no more than six participants with everyone advancing through the weekly 90-minute sessions together.   We chose a 90-minute format for this program to permit sufficient time each week for teaching, learning, coaching, sharing, and supporting each other throughout this program.  Be prepared to commit some of your personal time between sessions for individual coursework to enhance your experience.

Topics covered include:

  • Finding Stillness.  Stillness calms your mind, reduces stress and anxiety, and opens the doorway to inward focus reconnecting us with our heart and spirit.  This week will include introductions; scientific concepts about the brain and states of being; techniques and exercises to calm the nervous system; and the importance of having a network and strategies that support our personal growth.
  • Processing Emotions.  Emotions are beneficial.  They indicate what is happening within us and around us and can be used to guide our decisions and actions.   On the other hand, without regulation, they can rule us leaving our behavior to their whimsy which negatively affects not only us but the people around us to our detriment.  This week we will learn about emotions; correctly identifying our emotions and emotional triggers; and strategies for processing and releasing emotions in healthy ways.
  • Moving from Mindlessness to Mindfulness.  In this session, we begin to formulate what we want to achieve more of in our lives in the near term.  We’ll discuss the power of language; the disadvantages and benefits of fear; meta-awareness; building conscious competence; establishing a gratitude practice; and objectivity and detachment.
  • Understanding Your Beliefs.  As we begin to create what we want more of in our future, beliefs we hold that limit our success in that endeavor appear.  We often live within the context of what we’ve been taught, so the focus of this week’s session is to change that context.  In this week’s session we discuss beliefs we hold that may block the goals we set in the previous session; owning our decisions; recognizing our contribution to situations; continue our work making the unconscious conscious; and introduce manifesting and the power of energy.
  • Stepping into Your Life.  We all have stories and the goal of week 5 is to step out of your story and into your life.  Specific topics will include living in the present; strategies for making deliberate choices with conscious awareness of outcomes; loving and supporting yourself through the process; refining your support network; the importance of aligning definitions, clarifying, and verifying; and expanding our ability to manifest changes in our lives.
  • Trusting & Loving Yourself.  Self-love, the regard for our own well-being and happiness, is the ability to treat ourselves with kindness, patience, compassion, understanding, forgiveness and gentle perseverance.  While we often freely extend love others, we forget the importance of loving ourselves.  Self-trust is the firm reliance on integrity of the self.  It is what gives you confidence in your decisions and a calm assurance that your actions align with your values and goals.  In this, our final session, we will discuss these concepts and how to apply them to your life.  We will also wrap-up with a review of key lessons learned throughout this program.

We are happy to offer this program at an introductory price of $897.  This price includes six 90-minute group sessions and all materials developed for this program.  Sessions will be provided via Zoom.  They will be recorded but recordings will not be shared with anyone outside of this program without first obtaining expressed written permission and the consent of all in the program is required to release recorded copies to the group.

This program, limited to six participants, is scheduled to begin on Thursday, May 5th and will continue for six consecutive Thursdays ending on June 9th.  Class time is from 5 pm to 6:30 pm EST.  Payment must be rendered at registration.  Our cancellation and refund policy is posted for your convenience.

There are no pre-requisites for this program except for Internet access, a desire to create positive change in your life, showing up as your authentic self and holding space for others!  The atmosphere will be relaxed.  Come as you are.

If you are experiencing intense difficulties that leave you unable to cope with daily life, are ideating suicide, or are in immediate danger, we urge you to seek medical or other professional attention necessary to move you out of crisis and into a safer more stable situation or environment.  These services do not replace the care of licensed psychologists or other healthcare professionals.  And while some receive great benefit from our coaching and programs, there is no guarantee that your goals will be achieved or that your results will be as beneficial as they are for some.

6-Week Live Online Course
Get Unstuck:  Navigating Life’s Transitions
Thursdays, May 5 through June 9, 2022
5 to 6:30 PM EST
$897 Introductory Price

Getting Unstuck Navigating Life’s Transitions
Getting Unstuck Navigating Life’s Transitions
Getting Unstuck Navigating Life’s Transitions
Getting Unstuck