Mindful not Mind Full

Being mindful is living in present moment, reclaiming your personal power and taking control of your happiness, joy and peace of mind.  The practice of mindfulness allows us to deepen our understanding of ourselves by gently observing the thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that shape our lives.  With awareness, which is gained through mindfulness, we can gently reshape that which isn’t serving us into something that promotes our highest and best outcomes.

Elevate Your Life®

We each have within us the full power to elevate our lives and, even more importantly, achieve inner peace.  Are you tired of the drudgery of life?  Are you feeling there must be more to life?  If so, it’s time to Elevate Your Life® through conscious living.


You are beautiful, worthy and “flawsome” – totally awesome and that includes what you consider to be your flaws!!  Conscious living is the freedom to BE YOU and LOVE YOU just as you are!!  Now go celebrate your flawsomeness!

Live On Purpose™

Are you purposefully creating your life?  Or reacting to it?  Live on purpose by consciously making intentional choices that fully support your goals, dreams and desires.


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