Stacie Shifflett

Life Fulfillment & Empowerment Coach
and Founder Modern Consciousness

  • Certified High-Performance Coach ™
  • Professional Neuro-Shine Technology Coach™
  • Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Certified Theta Healing Practitioner ®
  • Positive Psychology Certificates | University of Pennsylvania
  • Successful Entrepreneur
  • Author & Speaker
  • Member International Coaching Federation
  • Member International Positive Psychology Association

Hi, I’m Stacie Shifflett. Nice to meet you!

I am an accomplished businesswoman and entrepreneur with experience and successes that span multiple industries. I am also a proficient student of life. I haven’t seen it all, but I have experienced a lot.

I survived the death of my first child, which I essentially describe today as a trip through hell. Luckily I discovered I had a round trip ticket and freed myself, with the help of others, from gripping depression. We all need a little help from time to time.

I sat by my father’s side, along with my mother, as he passed from this life when he made the decision to turn off the oxygen that sustained him due to chronic illness. I am so very grateful for the moment of clarity and alertness he experienced during that, his last trip to the hospital, which allowed him, rather than my mother or me, to make that decision. After his death I supported my mom through severe depression, debilitating physical injuries, and advancing dementia.

In the spring of 2020, with COVID lockdowns, my mother, who lived in a memory-care facility at that time out of necessity, couldn’t remember from our morning call to our evening call, let alone from one day to the next, why I, her one and only child, wasn’t visiting her and why our weekly outings at my house, where I always made her favorite meals, no longer occurred. Those were the things that sustained her and fueled her will to live. After a few weeks of feeling abandoned by me (a position she expressed to me on every phone call due to her confusion), she released herself from this life. Upon her death, they did, of course, allow me into the facility in spite of visitation restrictions. What was the first thing I did? I reapplied my mother’s lipstick, fulfilling a promise we had made to not let anybody see her without it! Promises are important to keep.

While I learned much from these experiences, the event that propelled me to massive personal transformation was when I plunged into an internal state of chaos after the rather unexpected implosion of my 28-year marriage. In my book “Ignite the Hunger in You”,  written with JB Owen, the world-renowned motivational speaker Les Brown, and a number of other inspiring authors, I state:

“For years after my divorce, I felt like Humpty Dumpty, shattered with all the little pieces of me strewn about. How would I ever collect them all and reassemble them back into a happy fulfilled human? I mean, if all the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t put Humpty back together, what hope was there for me? Well, as it turns out, hope is there. She springs eternal as they say. We hide her for a while behind our anger, our grief, our sadness and our resentment, but she’s there just waiting for us to have a breakthrough moment. To pick her up, gaze at her with a perplexed but knowing look and gently place her into our hearts where she ignites the healing within. Hope is a fine traveling companion as we traverse the winding road to recovery after crisis. She helps us search for and find our little bits and pieces and comforts us as we reassemble them into something that seems unlikely; something even better than before. I hope this story, my story, inspires you to find and hold onto hope as you begin your journey to reclaim joy and inner peace and that your life, like mine, can be enriched and expanded in ways you never thought possible.”

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Many of us have weathered storms in our lives such as those outlined above. Nothing extraordinary there. But, what is extraordinary for me is emerging from the darkness with a new sense of self and a life rooted in joy, gratitude, and peace.

During my personal journey of healing and self-discovery, I created the opportunity to study with some of the best in the world in a variety of topics and modalities from traditional coaching to energetic healing, from relationships to finance. During this time I developed an understanding of broad aspects of the human condition in general and my own beliefs and behaviors in particular. I can tell you from experience that we can attend all of the seminars and read all of the books we want (I did), but until that information is truly embodied and integrated into our lives, in a way that is meaningful to our lives, the information is just that, information. That is why, in spite of there being common themes that negatively affect all of us, such as lack of self-worth or fear, I strive to create transformational experiences unique to each individual I serve.

Our challenges provide us with opportunities for growth.
That includes big issues or little ones that gnaw at us slowly over time eroding our happiness.  It includes things that are blatantly obvious to us but we choose to ignore them anyway thinking the situation will improve, we can handle it, or that life isn’t so bad.  It includes those instances where we have an uneasy feeling in the pit of our stomach that something isn’t right in this situation but we attempt to silence the warning of that still small voice, pushing it away in disbelief or just not wanting to forge that road as upending our lives is difficult.

Does any of that resonate with you?

The journey of self-discovery isn’t always easy but I can tell you that the rewards are enormous.

Let us help you free your mind and put you on the path to conscious living and happiness.

Book a free discovery session and let’s evaluate your life together in a safe space that fully supports you in reaching your full potential.

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